Demand one week on, one week off

Demand one week on, one week off…and if your relm is able to take the children to school during the schooling period…then ask for joint custody and you to have them from Sunday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Friday and every other weekend…. and stick to it and show this system of government that we have in place that deadbeat fathers and mothers will now step to the plate and take what the courts have taken from us for a monitary value to the counties that have the degree of divorce in place….

and that is the degree of divorce was not a contract that was able to break.. and at no fault…the children of this countries enable rights are to see their father and mother equally and their father’s and mother’s side of their families equally, and their rights for life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness to enjoy the flourish ness of something that neither parent has done anything detrimental,abusive, or is not found in neglect for …and the system of government that we have in place to enact all divorces is joint custody and if either parent decides to leave the county of HOME RULE…(where the child has lived the longest)…

forfeits the right for joint or shared custodial responsibility…or equal established environment….status quo….no mas…no system…just parent who care…for not the monetary value of GREED that our system has in place.