As far as your law is concerned

As far as your law is concerned, you would have to speak with board members more familiar with it. But, the fact is, court decisions have changed more laws, then all the sobbing dads giving emotional testimony before congressional or state legislative committees. The problem is learning what all you can to to manipulated the system in your favor. The law you addressed, I imagine was originally meant to help fathers trying to get custody. Fathers doing the exact same thing she is doing. There are always drawbacks to the best laid plans, even when you are talking about legislative changes. What can be created to help protect one person, can be manipulated by the other. Muranda Rights is a good example. There was a reasonable reason, mostly having to do with Southern Georgia County Sheriffs, for the requirement to read the rights to a suspect. But, there are those who then take advantage of it.

More then anything, for this reason why it is so important to educate fathers on how to fight for their rights and better work with their attorneys. It needes to be a uniform education, nation wide, so that in all corners of this country, fathers with favorable rulings can then take that case law to the state house, or congress, to show that a change needs to be brought about to curtail to high legal costs fighting for one’s rights.

That what I do, with NCFC. It is what I have done for 11 years. Today I have been working since 10 am, and it is now coming up to 1 am. I have been working on revisions on our manual, to make it even easier to understand, and navigate on a computer. I’ve converted it into a PDF file.

In that time, I have also taken several calls, and chatted with fathers through Yahoo Messager, MS Message, and ICQ. And no, I’m mostly a workaholic. But, that is what it takes to bring about change, and to help as many fathers as possible. Fortunately I am on social Security Disability, so I don’t to work a job. But, the material is helping no one sitting in my computer, so you should conder becoming a member of NCFC. Let’s see what we can do to help you. You can call me at (913) 385-3237 or 1-800-SEE-DADS. Though the 800 line isn’t working right now. It’s been ringing in California, but is being transferred to me, and someone screwed up the transfer. We waiting for them to fix it.

Best time to get me is after 4 PM, east coust time.