Not sure about the Canadian laws

Not sure about the Canadian laws, but in the states I would suggest that he keep a tape recorder or video camera hidden in the house and on until he catches her instigating some form of violence on him or the child. Then take the child and leave after filing for a protective order and divorce (if he was married to the mother). Or stay in the house and have her served with the order keeping her away from the house.

He will have to have good proof that she is the violent one, however, before he does this.

Nobody will believe him otherwise. The courts are still under the impression that 95% of all domestic violence is propagated by the man, when the real number is more like 55% instigated by the woman. This evidence will also be useful in disputing the inevitable false accusations a woman like that will use to gain advantage.

Check out the FRTC website at There is a PAS Information Archive there with over 30 articles on Parental Alienation Syndrome. One of those articles discusses Malicious Mother Syndrome. This woman sounds like a good candidate for that.

Good luck!


looking for some help

Hi, canada here hoping someone else here is too, I have currently been with my b/f for the past yr and a half (known him 4 11yrs) he left his daughters mother just before we got together she thinks because of me, just kind a push for him.

She threats, harasses me and the such, just before xmas 99 she said he leaves me or loses his daughter (not even a ? there who he chooses, not a prob for me) well he had no other choice but to move back there to be with his daughter, our money situation was very tight, starting to get better, the conditions that were set by him, were they r not together, and he is only there for his daughter.

that did not last long, she immediately begin the we’re getting married, having sex calls again to me, we have not ended our realtionship (maybe not wise but) we keep it a secret and have to hide on the weekends when he comes up, she drives an hour to look for him, with the little girl, and drives around looking for him, yet she knows where he is, she has always been violent but lately the cops have been called from a neighbor of hers, everyone assumed it was him being abusive (but i am sure someone knows how that is) right now i am in the process of moving in 3 weeks so a little tight for money and no spae at the time for his daugther, but we would like some advice on how we can get her, we both work, r getting a 2brdm house aug 1st, i am just afarid of what his ex might do to either him, his little girl or me. She is in her own reality and is beginning to lose control even more, Any advice from my very long message is very much appreciated.

Thanks if you made it this far.