I had the same problem

I had the same problem when I sought to have relief for myself and kids from the emotional abuse my ex was deliberately causing. The court-master was a woman and my ex denied the abuse and LIED putting me as the abuser. The master immediately honored my wife’s allegations without even allowing me to respond. As I began demanding to have my rights of defending the LIES the master instructed 2 deputies to stand behind me while she interviewed me for information to my personal Bank accounts, employer,wage earnings.

Instead of receiving the urgently needed relief from my ex, I was PROSECUTED as being the abuser and ordered to stay away from my home and children, the master even ordered to have my wages garnished. The masters last words to me were
“YOU don’t want to go to jail from her”. The Idea of watchers may have prevented this CRUEL, Deliberate victimization of myself and kids.

The order effectively destroyed our families living quality leaving my kids out on the street and emotionally traumatized them and myself because even though I was able and capable of helping them I would be arrested for violating this corrupted order. This master is still running the family system and her actions are disgustingly honored by her peers. WE NEED TO REMOVE JUDGES THAT PARTICIPATE IN THIS TYPE OF JUDICIAL ABUSE, if we cant get them to HONOR the laws we need to CHANGE THE JUDGES!!