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Hi My name is Matt. I have 3 kids. Girl(9), Boy(8) I have full custody of those two. I have a 4.5 yr old daughter with a woman I was never married too. I live in La. And she lives in Ct with her mother. I am trying to prepare to take her to court. I have to take her to court in Ct. At this point she refuses to let me see my daughter. She is just being vindictive. I am married and my wife is a great stepmom. But my daughters mother hates her. She has told me that as long as I am in any kind of relationship with my wife then I will never see my daughter again.

I cannot afford a lawyer at this time. I needed about $500-$600 to pay for his services. I even had to take a cash advance from company (very fast service, btw!). Now I am trying to get legal aid in Ct to help me. If anyone is wondering I did sign my daughter’s bc. At this time all I have is phone number to call my daughter at. The mother has moved and will not give me the address. I have asked her for an address to send her child support. She tells me not to worry about that. That she has contacted the state of Ct and they will contact me. Well after a while and they had not contacted me,my wife and I found that funny.

So we called social services in Ct and they told me that they do not have a thing on me and that they cannot request child support unless she asks for their help. He also told me that since there are no court orders for child support and she has not requested their help to get it,that I am under no legal obligation to pay her child support. Well I have no problems with paying child support to her. All I want is joint custody or at least visitation with my child. I would like any advice/information/help that anyone can give me.

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