No Justice, No Peace

Welcome to the Club!

Sadly enough you are on your own. These clubs are mostly a “Vent your frustration” place, although if you are lucky and find some similar situation that someone has gone through, you may get some decent advice. I am not putting down the clubs, I am just letting you know that it will be almost impossible to find a way to rush your case and save money or find financial help.

The truth is it’s a bumpy ride, your lawyer is the pilot, and you have no idea how to land the plane if he passes out.

The real solutions to many of the injustices suffered by Fathers can only be achieved by uniting and fighting (peacefully) for our rights and our children’s rights. Of course, if you try anything like this you will just be discouraged.

It is a shame to see how women get together for their rights, african-americans join together, mothers join for gun safety, and even Cubans for a little Cuban boy, but Fathers can’t even begin to get it together for their own Children.

I see everyone fighting for every little reason except for their most important little reasons, their children.

If you are just starting your case, the best thing you can do is be strong for your children, be patient because it WILL be frustrating, and always have a positive and loving attitude around your children. Do Not bring up your hate for the woman and the situation out to them so they can see that your world revolves around them and that they are all that matters.