Until we stand against the system

Until the parents of children in this country stand for not letting the system in our lives…and the system dysfunctionally deleting one or the other parents for a monitary value…due to that the system will find the one parent will have the child or chiidren for just one more overnight than the other…. that constitutes support…until we as parents can agree to believe that we “both” are the best interest.

and one or the other not letting the “greed” of a monetary value to visitation disfunctionalize our children….and that our children’s rights for life, liberty,and the pursuit of seeing and knowing both parents equal and that all divorces should lead to joint custody when neither parent has done something detremental, abusive, or isn’t not found neglectful…and the psyc of the system to enforce that when divorce hits and one of the parents leave the county of HOME RULE

…where the child has been the longest… to instill roots ….and we as a nation are putting up with our country telling a cuban boys father what he can or cannot do with his child….imagine that…..and we want what our own government wont give to a foreign father… guess after three years of joint custody and found not the best interest…i will become a blind man in a blind country